Geo-distributed analytical database centralized through a data mesh architecture

Persist data with low latencies and low costs wherever your data is generated. Employ edge to cloud always maintaining global unified management and query

Store data close to source — use as if centralized

Stop moving data, retain global visibility

Our data mesh architecture lets you analyze geographically distributed data sources — on-premise, in the cloud or at the edge

Best-in-class performance on data of any velocity and volume

Our patent-granted IP lets us run ad-hoc queries on PB’s of data while ingesting at network speed

Powerfully simple

Retain huge volumes with no redesign and no need for database administrators
Abstract the complexities of data management and focus on building business solutions
Single pane of glass
Geo-distributed data with global query access provides simple and complete unified views
Operates on commodity hardware with limited CPU and memory
No design for performance, no tuning for optimization and automatic data aging
Secure your data
Control where your data resides regardless of how it is used
Proven reliability
Designed to operate in challenging environments with virtually no maintenance
Standards compliant
Run standard SQL. Connect with industry-standard tools