Network intelligence

Industry-leading network insights at every level

Comprehensive turnkey insights based on the network data you already have

Complete, nonintrusive network-wide visibility

Close the gaps in the visibility of your network with a lightweight, turnkey solution

Get insights from the network level down to each subscriber

Multi-dimensional data access:

  • Subscriber, peer, service, geography, equipment, custom tags
  • E.g. “All subscribers in California who streamed Netflix in UHD for more than 2 hours yesterday”

Get the most detailed view of your network

Our advanced correlation engine enables us to build the broadest representation of your network at near-DPI level

Get strategic with a long historical view

Understand trends and analyze past events with virtually unlimited data retention

Drastically reduce churn and maximize customer lifetime value with the most customer-centric network analytics available on the market

Ad-hoc analysis

Get answers to any business question without being constrained by database architecture

Proven flexibility

Our flexible architecture lets you effortlessly add new views as you need them

Low CapEx
Network Intelligence is a turnkey solution with the industry’s lowest hardware requirements
Standards compliant

Get all the benefits of our optimized and scalable platform, while still being able to run standard SQL

Explore the range of insights provided by our Network Intelligence solutions

Get the complete picture of network consumption

Micro to macro. Get the insights you need — on the subscriber, any segment or network level

Discover trends. Understand which services are driving growth and plan for the future

Subscriber impact. Pin-point heaviest service users

Assess OTT service quality and consistency

Assess performance. Assess service reachability, latency, and specific pathways

Optimize. Isolate performance by regions and markets down to a single content server

Identify. Identify network infrastructure that influences performance (e.g. CMTS/DSLAM)

Ensure video services quality and plan for spikes

Stay on top of quality. Get a complete overview of the number of streams per service and the quality of each stream

Dive in. Analyze trends in video quality, IP version, encryption and time-of-the-day consumption

Big event impact. Plan for major network events like the Super Bowl

Get perspective across all peering points

Traffic dynamics. Get a complete picture of ingress and egress traffic

Get alerted on traffic shifts. Get notified about changes from baseline, floor or ceiling limits, or traffic shifts

Optimize peering points. Drill down and investigate each peering point or all peering points for a given peer

Get to the bottom of network security events

Understand impact. Find any subscribers involved in a specific event

Monitor unfamiliar traffic. Identify hard-to-spot attacks

Identify malicious actors. Investigate suspicious port activity and unofficial DNS server usage

Flexibility to support the questions you'll have tomorrow

Don’t get boxed in. Our flexible architecture lets you effortlessly add new insights as you need them

Use cases
Comparing Aispire Network Intelligence to deep packet inspection
Comparing Aispire Network Intelligence to deep packet inspection
Combating revenue pressures in the time of cord cutting
Combating revenue pressures in the time of cord cutting
Network Intelligence for communication service providers
Network Intelligence for communication service providers
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