Embedded and White Label

Accelerate the delivery of AI/ML powered insights to your customers

Move from development to production faster, and with confidence

Low-code platform for orchestrating data pipelines with integrated MLOps

Your brand, your use cases

Maintain brand ownership with modular and embedded tools enabling best-in-class advanced analytical capabilities

A unified platform for unlocking analytical data in the real world

  • Ingest any data type from any source
  • Build automations at scale – and apply AI/ML in-stream, anywhere
  • Run geo-distributed big data analytics at the speed of business

All of your AI/ML needs in one place

Develop models from scratch or bring your own. Deploy, monitor, and automatically update — all in a single platform with integrated data management

Focus on business logic. We provide the data and analytics infrastructure
Easy to use

Drag-and-drop pipeline builder with Python integration will make your data scientists feel at home

High performance
Leverage ultra-low latency operational pipelines and patented geo-distributed analytical database
Proven reliability
Designed to operate in challenging environments with virtually no maintenance
Low CapEx
Ultra-lightweight containers work on any commodity hardware or virtual machine
Cost-effective and easy to deploy
Edge-optimized and completely self-managed, self-contained and user-owned
Simplified data management
Abstract the complexities of data management and focus on business logic and AI/ML solutions
Explore platform

Low-code graphical pipeline builder

Design in minutes. Drag and drop built-in data collectors, transformations and ML models

Add custom logic. Use Python code to add transformations, build ML models, and integrate with other solutions

Centrally deploy and manage. Deploy as ultra-lightweight containers on any hardware or virtual machine

Aispire Pipelines

Explore production-ready operational pipelines with integrated MLOps

Extend with geo-distributed analytical database

Deeper Insights. Deliver impactful analytics with instant global query of geo-distributed data, regardless of volume

Stop moving data. Our data mesh architecture lets you analyze geographically distributed data sources — on-premise, in the cloud or at the edge

No DB admin required. Designed for relentless performance, availability and security as you scale


Explore geo-distributed analytical database